About Follow Your Fish

When you decide to buy a fish, your decision not only impacts the species you chose, but also the fishermen who caught it and all the other people (and businesses) involved in the supply chain. Wouldn't it be nice to know more about who those many people are and what they do?

The goal of Follow Your Fish is to provide consumers with information about each step of the seafood supply chain. We hope that this information will help increase transparency of the supply chains, while reconnecting people with their seafood. By providing consumers with this information, they will be able to make their own decisions about the fisheries and businesses they support when they purchase seafood. We recognize that everyone has their own definition of sustainable and, therefore, we aren't labeling or ranking species here. We're also not claiming to have talked with everyone in these supply chains, as they can be incredibly complex and vary greatly in different regions. We are, however, confident that the people we spoke to are knowledgeable representatives from the step they represent in the supply chain, and they have interesting stories that we are happy to share with you. Follow along and help us spread the word!